We have a number of link missionaries, both in Australia and overseas, who we support financially and through prayer, as an extension of our ministry to the people of Mittagong. These include Margaret in South West Sydney, Patricia in Asia and:

Gary & Julie Haddon in Chile

Gary, Julie and their daughters are serving in Chile with the Church Missionary Society (CMS). Gary teaches at the Centre for Pastoral Studies, which is one of the few  Theological Colleges in South America and the only one that trains pastors for the Anglican Church in Chile. Gary equips leaders for the church in Chile and Latin America through his  work at CEP.

They are both heavily involved in their local church. Julie also supports MOCLAM by teaching it at their home church and marking exams, while Gary also serves in the Diocese of Santiago and the wider Province of Chile.

For more information, visit their page on the Church Missionary Society website.

Tizho in Zimbabwe with FOCUS  (IFES)

Tivakduze (Tizho) works with FOCUS         Zimbabwe (IFES) in the mountainous city of Mutare, where he overseas student ministry across seven campuses. FOCUS seeks to train up students in how to read and understand the Bible for themselves, to spread the gospel and to be disciple-making-disciples. Zimbabwe faces many challenges, politically and economically. Often within their own churches, Christians are confronted with the false teachings of the prosperity gospel and tribal religion. Tizho is passionate about helping students grasp the truth of the gospel revealed through God’s word.

Previously a teacher, Tizho is married to Precious and has two children. He visited Mittagong Anglican in 2018 on a trip sponsored by AFES, and is excited to join us as a link missionary.

Steven Mackenzie, AFES Staffworker at Bond University, QLD

Steve and Julia Mackenzie were part of our church from 2016 to 2018 when Steve was an assistant minister here. They have five children: Grace, Evangeline, Zoe, Mary and  Owen.

 Bond University has never had an AFES worker before. It is a new ministry, which is supported by the existing AFES team at Griffith University.

The first few years after school is a  crucial time for the faith of young people and university can be a very hostile environment to the Christian faith. But university also is a great opportunity for evangelism to young people as they think about Jesus Christ for the first time as an adult. It is also a time when young   Christians can be trained and equipped to serve Christ in their current churches as well as into the future. 

Dina Roki working with Pioneers in Croatia

Dina has been a member of our church for more than 10 years and worked as our Young Families minister for many years up to May 2018. She previously taught at FAITH academy in Manilla in the Philippines with OMF and was a link missionary with our church.

Dina’s parents came from Croatia and she is fluent in the local language and has a number of relatives in the country.

In 2018 she worked as a missionary with the Baptist Church in Belica from June to  December. Belica is in the northern tip of the country, which borders Hungary and Austria. She is planning to return to Croatia again in 2019 for another six month period.

Dina will again join with the Baptist Church in working with youth and adults, through friendship evangelism and teaching children. During the school terms, as an outreach into the community, she will be teaching English each week to a Saturday class of adults and children.

Ian and Zara Pennicook – Itinerant Bible teaching ministry and physiotherapy

Ian and Zara Pennicook have been members of the our church since 1986.

Ian serves the wider church as an itinerant Bible preacher and teacher, and is also an Honorary Assistant Minister at Mittagong Anglican. He has lectured in fourteen Bible Colleges and has also taught in sixteen different countries. He has taught pastors and other leaders of churches in these countries on a number of different trips. Many of these invitations have been to serve where people are very poor and where pastors are subsistence farmers and often where the Christians are a persecuted minority.

Zara is a physiotherapist who is committed to an international ministry through short term overseas trips where she teaches physiotherapy techniques to people. She has done this in six different developing countries. As she does this, she seeks to share the good news of Jesus with them at the same time.